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Discovering What To Do in Hong Kong

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The Melting Pot of Asia

In the past few years, people probably mention Korea or Japan as the hottest holiday destinations in Asia. But Hong Kong is surely not to be missed as well. One of the busiest and important city in the world, Hong Kong is a highly developed region with more than 7.3 million citizen hustling every day. There are also a lot of expats living there. Well known for its arts scene and culture, Hong Kong has a certain charm of a metropolitan city and offers so much more than what is seen on the surface.

People say Hong Kong is a place that never sleeps. A city with tremendous flow of energy and dynamic lifestyle of its citizen, Hong Kong is also a popular tourist destination with many of its breathtaking landmarks and rich culture. From natural landscape to skyscrapers, visitors will not be deprived of interesting spots to go. Here are some fascinating activities you can do while in Hong Kong:

Eat The Local Food: First of all, Dim Sum. It is a Hong Kong specialty. While you can probably find dim sum restaurant chains all over the world, nothing beats the authentic local taste. Treat yourself to the diverse range of fresh dim sum dishes! Not to forget, Hong Kong is also famous for its street food and sandwiches with fluffy egg and luncheon meat.

Visit Lan Tau island: In this biggest island of Hong Kong, you can enjoy various natural scenery such as parks, mountains, and beaches. Good for relaxation and sight-seeing, you can also channel your inner child in Asia’s first ever Disneyland.

Go to Victoria Peak: It is the best spot to experience the city’s stunning skyline. The Madam Tussauds’ museum of wax figure and The Avenue of Stars where you can see various Hong Kong legends' hand prints are also there. Apart from that, you get to take the tram to reach the peak, which is a nice experience by itself. At night, there will be a dazzling light show whenever the weather permits.

Explore night market: Come here to blend in with the locals and captivated by the heat, experience the atmosphere. Highly crowded and lively, the street night markets are great to find interesting and unique items. It also opens until midnight, and there are some stalls still selling Hong Kong style breakfast such as noodles with spam.

Macau Day Trip: Only an hour ferry ride from Hong Kong, and you will feel like being in a whole different place. Macau is famous for its cuisine such as Portuguese egg tart and ice cream. It also has architecture that is influenced by the west such as St. Paul’s ruins. And to top it up, a massive casino with luxury hotels offering a royal-like experience.

Other than visiting the usual tourist spots, you can also explore the inner city by yourself to enjoy the local experience. Small stuffs such as dealing with street merchants, eating Hong Kong style breakfast, walking through the narrow alleys, and watching sunset can be a pleasant experience as well. I personally have a feeling that Hong Kong is a small place that can leave a huge impact on anyone who sets their feet there. It is a place that you will long to visit again and again, instead of just once in a lifetime.



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Reply JamieBarone 2017-07-10 03:45
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