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Social Media Marketing To Enhance Business

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Using Social Media for Business Development

Mobile devices and digital technologies are inseparable from our routinity. Our day to day activities are usually filled with being online. To adapt to these changes, business need put emphasize on their digital marketing efforts to stay relevant and gain competitive edge. While there are numerous types of digital marketing that can be conducted such as search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing, one of the most effective one is social media marketing.

Looking at the number of registered account in the popular social media platforms, this type of marketing is sure to reach a large audience. Here are some ways social media can benefit your business:
1. Build brand image
By setting up accounts on social media, brand can build a strong online presence. Constantly updating the contents and actively engaging with customers will increase the brand exposure, which results in the brand being on top of the customers’ mind.

2. Cultivate customers trust and loyalty
Through social media, brand can provide extra value for the customers by giving useful information. Offering exclusive online discount, sneak peek, and competition are some ways to engage the customer. Apart from that, quick response to customer feedback will also give a good impression to gain their trust.

3. Increase sales
In many social media, it is possible to link your page to others. For example, you can integrate your website link into your social media profile. Some even provide calls-to-action such as a book, call, and buy now buttons, which can help convert your social media traffic into sales. Besides that, organizing brand related event is also helpful in creating customers enthusiasm as users can indicate whether they are going or interested in an event. These users update will then appear on their friends' timeline, thus generating more awareness about the event.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Explained

To launch an effective and successful social media campaign, it is essential to have a defined strategy in mind. First, you need to state the expected goals and marketing targets. These goals can be measured in terms of response, number of clicks, or profit. Then, identify your target customers and create personas of them. It will affect how the campaign is executed, which social media platforms to use, and so on. The brand should also maintain consistency on the social media. For example, contents must be updated regularly and using the same tone in the status updates. High quality should also be maintained in every post. With an extensively planned social media marketing strategy, brand will be able to reach its targets in meeting sales figure and better engage with the customers.

 Picking The Social Media Platforms

There are a large number of social media platforms out there, and they have the same purpose to connect people to each other. However, each has their own unique characteristics. For example, some are more text oriented and others are more image related. Here, we briefly explain about the 3 most popular social media platforms:

Facebook: The most widely used social media, it is very effective to build an online image. By utilizing Facebook, brand can do a lot of things such as getting real time feedback, post images and videos, create poll, events, and do live streaming.

Twitter: While it limits status update to only 140 words, Twitter is highly effective tool to engage with the customers. Its reply, retweet, and quote tweet features means that the social media is emphasized on creating a fun, two-way conversation between customer and brand. Twitter also has a trending topic category which lists down the most happening and talked about events and stuffs.

Instagram: Focusing on image and visual, Instagram is a powerful tool for brand to get the customer attention. Curating a nice feed, actively commenting and liking pictures are good ways to gain a following. It also increases the chance of other users saving photos from the brand account to their collection.

Apart from these three, there are a lot more social media platforms that brand can look into. For example, Snapchat to record live moments, Pinterest to curate pictures and article resources, to ask and answer questions online, and many other platforms also have significant effect in achieving desired results. Some platforms may be more region specific. For example, Weibo and WeChat are highly effective in marketing to the China market.

Lastly, social media platforms usually offer option to put ads and sponsored contents. By using these features, brand content can appear and reach specific targeted audience. Because of the variety in features and function, social media marketer usually use more than one platform to launch digital marketing campaign. Social media influencers such as popular bloggers and reputable opinion leaders can also be recruited to enhance exposure and more specific market reach. By doing this, brand can build its reputation and define its image.



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Reply FrankPaik 2017-07-13 03:16
Social media is a core for a business income. I do not now how businesses developed 20 years ago, but today each and every business is built with the help of Social Media. People can buy products online, yes, that is true. But I mean different, which is even more important for businesses - advertisement of your goods and services. Have a look at this review site, how people advertise their businesses.


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