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Digital Marketing Role in Music Industry

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Moving from Physical to Digital

When we want to listen to music, all we have to do is take out our phone and put on a headset. The days when we would listen to the radio patiently waiting for the station to play your favorite songs, buy CD and vinyl now live as memories. Singers and musicians in the music industry used to mainly rely on CD and record sales to gain profit. Now the situation is has changed and they mostly depend on concert ticket sales. In the few recent years, digital music service such as Spotify and video streaming site such as Youtube have significantly changed the game. Boosting the feature that allows users to listen to music online without having to download it, Spotify has over 100 million monthly users all over the world. Music sales is certainly affected by this, but it is also not a sound option to retrieve your music completely from the streaming service, as it will badly affect exposure and popularity. For example, Taylor Swift once retrieved all her music on Spotify, but now it is once again all there. In fact, songs that get played a lot on Spotify are more popular than those which aren't. Thus, the shift to the digital era is typically viewed as a drawback in this aspect.

Music Promotion by Utilizing Digital Marketing

While the decrease in physical music sales is real, it is not accurate to say that digital advancement brings nothing good to the music industry. The music industry can actually make the most out of this situation by putting more emphasize on digital marketing. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram are extremely powerful tools to promote music and engage with the audience. By setting up social media account and posting regularly, musicians, singers, and bands can actively engage with their fans. They can also keep fans updated about their latest release, upcoming concerts, events appearance, and so on. Occasionally, it is also beneficial for artists to collaborate with others in the creative industry to appeal to more audiences.

Live-streaming is one of the features that is commonly found on many social media. In the music industry, it can be utilized to give fans a sneak peek of the recording process, concerts’ behind the scenes, and set up a live chat. Also, musicians can give an exclusive preview of their upcoming release online, organize meet and greet session, and so on.

In the time when online contents are consumed as a part of daily life, digital marketing is sure to be an effective way to gain exposure and build relationship. The speed of digital space makes it possible for word-of-mouth to spread lightning fast. Frequent interaction of musicians and their audience also help increase their loyalty, which may result in more sales. To conclude, digital marketing in the industry is a win-win solution for both the musician and the audience. As we can easily notice, accounts with the most following on social media are usually owned by singers and musicians. Most fans also usually form some groups and fan bases which can be helpful in spreading word-of-mouth about the artists, as can be seen on hashtags and trending topics on twitter.



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Reply jayhagan 2017-07-17 01:54
Music in digital marketing isn't an easy thing to promote. I studied Marketing and the second course I took was promotion of non-profit services. In fact, there are not many of them, as a lot of pre-paid services don't allow downloading without a major sum of money. It's like there was a campaign with services.
Reply Himanshu123 2017-10-05 03:55
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