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Singapore Digital Marketing Updates 2017

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Digital Marketing Outperforms Traditional Measures

Doing everything online has grown to be something usual in our daily lives. With modern technology getting increasingly advanced and accessible for people around the world, it has transformed the way we do stuffs. To illustrate this better, we can observe that everyday activities such as watching TV, catching up on the news, and listening to music can now be done with just one single device. There is a substantial decrease in traditional media production, while online media and contents have become a prevalence.

To stay relevant and keep up-to-date in this modern age, business looking to develop shall adapt to the recent updates. Advertising on printed media, television, direct marketing, and other traditional marketing efforts require a huge budget. Meanwhile, digital marketing can provide a more cost-effective and easy to be monitored results.

So, what does digital marketing stand for? Fundamentally, it is an umbrella term that covers all of the online marketing efforts that is purposed to increase exposure and engage the audience. The term itself is pretty broad as there are various types of online marketing strategy such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing and many others.

Taking Digital Marketing Courses in Singapore

As it is quite a new field, digital marketing is rarely offered as a major in Singapore's universities. Nevertheless, there is a range of short-term and online courses that you can choose from. A short-term course typically lasts for 2–3 days and covers the general understanding of the core concepts and elements of the digital landscape. The course also follows a clear structure and participants will be guided by instructors who are experienced in the industry. Along with the hands-on training, such courses are helpful to equip the participants with the basics of digital marketing. Some courses also offer after-training support for the participants, shall they need further guidance.

Another feasible option is to enroll in an online marketing course. This track may be better for people who can’t find a time in between their schedules to attend physical course, as it allows more flexibility in completing the course. For online courses, there will be minimum commitment hours per week and participants can set their own pace. Participants will later be awarded a certificate upon completion of the course.

Need of Digital Marketing Experts in Singapore

As online media plays an important part in and can influence many aspects in our activities, an excellent and engaging digital marketing campaign can bring positive impacts to a business in many ways. Some of the benefits included are the ability to reach larger demographics of potential customer, communicate more meaningfully with existing customer, build customer loyalty, establish strong brand reputation, and generate positive word-of-mouth.

To reach all these goals, however, are not as simple as it may sound. A thorough planning of digital marketing strategy and integration of marketing channels require certain expertise. Apart from that, the skill-set to perform the task is often not taught in school, and people working in this industry usually obtain their knowledge from experience. In a country as modern and well developed as Singapore, it is quite as expected that digital marketer is highly sought-after. While the position is highly needed in many companies, the salary is not set and usually varies a lot depending on one’s experience, with the average number being around $60k per year. People who work in the industry are also reported to be sticking on their job for a long time, which may be an indicator of job satisfaction.



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