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Mobile App Development Environment in Singapore

Viewed 25 times2017-05-23 01:15 | Mobile

Ranging in sizes and industries they are in, every business and enterprise have their own mobile app these days. As expected, in an era where people are practically glued to our phone, mobile app is becoming a necessity. It is a very effective way to directly market to customers and increase the engagement rate. Mobile app development also makes business more accessible, thus makes customers more likely to use its service or buy its product.
The same situation can be observed in Singapore,whereby there are many kinds of apps such as food delivery (e.g.: Deliveroo,Foodpanda), retail (e.g.: Zalora, Shopee), ride hailing (e.g.: Grab, Uber), andmany more. In addition to being very popular, these mobile apps are also used frequently by Singaporeans. This proves how mobile app development it a fast-growing and profitable industry in the country.

Singapore Mobile App Development Courses

If you are a to-be developer who are looking to learn more about app development, you have the freedom of choice as there are many courses being offered here in Singapore. Several local polytechnics offers diploma in mobile app development, which will reward you with a degree by the end of the program. If you prefer to enroll in short term courses, there are also some options that you can consider, be it full-time or part-time. Participants of these kinds of program are usually rewarded with certificate upon completion. Another alternative that you can take is to enroll yourself in an e-learning program. While it is more convenient and flexible for those who doesn’t have much free time, online courses may have its downside too as students are usually less motivated and tend to give up easier. This effect occurs because there is no presence of other students and participants, which in face-to-face course can serve as a support system, encourage each other, and give constructive criticism.

Singapore Mobile App Developers Service

If you are otherwise looking to hire someone to develop the app for you, there are 2 possibilities. The first one is to get in contact with a mobile app development company. Companies like this usually provide a full service, starting from designing to shipping the product, making it available to download on app store. One thing to be noted is that price will vary depending on the app’s complexity, functions, project duration, number of personnel needed, as well as the developer’s reputation. So, you might want to adjust your budget to those factors.
Another option is to work with freelance developer. Freelancer can easily be found on websites that connect client with talents, whereby you can post about your project and get in touch with a freelancer who fit the criteria



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